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The perfect cup of coffee, that’s what we need to get us out of bed in the mornings. Where would we be without a morning cuppa’, or two, or three . . . well, I for one certainly wouldn’t get very far on my daily journey!

Do you take it black, white, creamy, frothy, long, short, strong, sweet or whichever way it comes, it really doesn’t matter, because in order to have the perfect cup of coffee, you gotta’ start with the best coffee beans. Mmm, freshly brewed coffee made with freshly ground coffee beans is certainly the way to do it, hang on a minute, I’m just off for another cup . . . . okay, sorry about that, I’m back now and ready for action, although I’d love to know who ate the last chocolate chip cookie!

Tips For The Perfect Cup of Coffee

Coffee beans, that’s what you need for the perfect cup of coffee, you need perfect coffee beans. Did you know that coffee beans aren’t beans at all? Coffee beans are actually seeds, the seeds of the “cherry” from the coffee plant, and inside each “cherry” there are two seeds, and these seeds are what we use to make coffee, they’re the coffee beans. They don’t even look like regular coffee beans when you split open the fruit because they’re covered in all sorts of layers and skins, but peel them off and there you have ‘em, lovely fresh coffee beans just waiting to be roasted.

Coffee beans

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Growing The Best Coffee Beans
Coffee beans grow in lots of different places, and the country, climate and other environmental issues all impact on the quality and taste of the coffee beans . . . and ultimately of course, the taste of the coffee we get to drink at the end of it all.  So what impacts the flavor and quality of the coffee beans?
  • The climate has a big impact on the quality of the coffee beans. Coffee beans grow best in a tropical climate where there’s lots of lovely sunshine and plenty of rain
  • The species of the plant grown for the coffee beans – thousands of different coffee bean plants are available, even though they’re all the same, as in, they’re all of the same coffee plant genus
  • The altitude where the coffee beans are grown . . . coffee beans grown in high altitudes are generally better than those grown in low lying areas, so as far as coffee growing is concerned – the higher the coffee plantation the better
  • The soil also has an effect on the taste and quality of the coffee beans, quality soil makes quality coffee beans – stands to reason.

 Who grows the best coffee beans? Of course, best is all a matter of taste, it wouldn’t be a very interesting world if we all had the same tastes would it, but some countries and regions are definitely masters when it comes to coffee bean production.

  • Brazil - not surprisingly, grows loads of coffee beans, in fact they’re responsible for the production of around one third of all coffee beans grown in the world.
  • Hawaii – you may find this a little more surprising, but Hawaii grow what are regarded by many people, to be the tastiest and best quality coffee beans around. Think about it, they’ve got perfect coffee growing territory – sweltering sunshine, lashings of rainfall and fertile volcanic ash to add a little Hawaiian flavor.
  • Columbia – mmm, there’s more to growing coffee beans than just growing coffee beans, and although many coffee addicts would concur that the coffee beans grown in Columbia are among the worlds finest, the infrastructure of Columbia prevent them from being able to really make the most of their valuable harvest – processing problems, transporting problems, hopefully they’ll be able to address those coffee bean problems in the future and really make the most of their coffee production capabilities. 
  • Indonesia – on the other hand (or coffee cup) has really taken the coffee bean growing industry to new heights, even in the remotest areas they have such advanced technology that they can grow great coffee beans to make great coffee.

So what’s your favorite coffee? Well, don’t just settle for whatever coffee beans you’ve always used, live and little and try something different every now and again. There are loads of great coffee beans to choose from, you’ll be an expert coffee connoisseur in no time at all.

Hey, I bet you’d never thought of that before, growing your own coffee beans alongside your tomato plants. That’s taking self sufficiency to a whole new level.

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